Ribdung-Jaleswori Education Foundation


Ribdung-Jaleswori Education Foundation (REF) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profitable organization (Registered No. 933 DAO/Kathmandu) set up with the objective of promoting and enhancing quality education in remote villages in Nepal. Established on 8 June 2015 with the primary focus of collecting and managing seed-funds for contributing to the improvement of school education in rural Nepal, REF aims to diversify its activities so as to improve rural education through holistic development.

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Ribdung-Jaleswori Education Foundation (REF) receives funds from any of the interested donors (personal, governmental, non-governmental organizations) for different types of activities including project based activities to achieve organization’s objectives. Recently, REF has initiated collection of Seed-Fund for the improvement of school education in “Shree Simle Secondary School” in Jaleswori village of Khotang district. Any of the interested individuals can donate in this fund and donated fund will remain as seed-fund for as long as this organization remains. The interest or earning of this fund is utilized for the improvement of school education in this particular school. The decision for the use of this earning is done on the basis of either school’s practical needs or decisions of the members (general, board of trustees, and founding members). The details (name, address and donated amount) of the donor are made public through organizational website.